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After years of research, engineering, and design, the future of solar wire integration is here. The dual port roof cap is the reason why we are fully migrating to the ATP Series™ ecosystem. These two connection points will provide a true plug and play quick lock system with the best weather protected electrical connection in the mobile power industry.

The ultra-low profile UV-resistant and IP67 rated weather proofed enclosure is constructed of a space age polymer for long lasting durability in the harshest conditions. The top cover is removable for quick and easy serviceability.

Cable routing is now easier than ever with a knock out on the bottom side as well as on either side. This new design allows for flexibility when it comes to adding more solar panel wiring. We have also found that cell and wifi boosters or light bar wiring can be conveniently routed into this box to minimize the amount of entry points in your roof. 

Pre-installed in the box is both a positive and negative bus bar system rated for 100 amps with wiring terminals compatible with wiring up to 6 AWG. This new system allows the wiring of your solar array in both parallel and series configurations.


  • OBSIDIAN SERIES Two ATP Female Ports (50 Amp Max Input)
  • 100 Amp Rated 6 AWG Wire Bus Bars (Parallel or Series Configurations)
  • OEM Quality and Engineered For Quick Installation
  • IP67 Weather Proof Rating
  • Bottom and Side Egress Options
  • Field Serviceable 

ZAMP ATP Two Port Roof Cap Combiner Box (50 Amp Max)

  • FREE SHIPPING within Canada.

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