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  • I’m interested in a custom van build, how much does it cost?
    Custom builds are unique to you and priced individually. Build costs vary greatly depending on the components and features that make your build one of a kind. There are two costs involved for a complete budget. The van itself costs around $80,000 - $100,000 depending on factory features. The second is the upfitting/build cost, which for a luxury build, can be $150,000 - $250,000+. Method Vans will work within your budget for the build.
  • What van brands do you work on?
    At this time, our focus is exclusively on the 170 Mercedes Sprinter (2WD, 4WD and AWD models) for custom builds.
  • Will you do work that is not a full custom build?
    Absolutely! We love to assist our customers with their van build and appreciate many customers want to take on certain aspects of the build. If you need help installing a window, or a heater or compressor kit, we are there for you also.
  • I'm from the USA, will you do a custom build for me?
    Absolutely! We love our USA friends. Not only will you receive an exceptional build, but your dollar goes further in Canada, often up to 30%. Contact us for more information on the process.
  • Do you supply the van?
    At times, we will be working on a spec build to offer for sale that will include the van. Most times, customers supply their own van. We have an amazing relationship with a Mercedes-Benz dealer locally, and can assist you in placing the perfect van for your build. Ordering a van for upfitting is a very tedious task as there are multiple options and configurations. We have you covered. Let us make it easy for you. This service is provided at no charge to you if you provide a deposit on a build.
  • What can I expect for the build process?
    1. Place a deposit on a custom build. 2. Place an order for a factory van or if you have a van, we will schedule your build. 3. Our team will navigate through your one-of-a-kind build and decide on all the features and components. 4. If required, you will have the option to receive renderings of the interior, exterior and a detailed floor plan. These renderings reflect all the features you’ve incorporated in the design phase. 5. Work on your van will start, and exceptional customer experiences is a top priority. Our builds are methodical (hence our name) and you can expect that absolute highest level in build quality. 6. Take delivery of your new van – we promise an experience you will never forget.
  • Do you offer financing?
    We do not provide customer financing on the build costs; however, Mercedes-Benz does offer attractive financing options on the purchase of the new Sprinter.
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