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  • I’m interested in a custom van build, how much does it cost?
    We only offer ultra premium van conversions. Each of our builds are meticulously crafted by a very small team. We only use the highest quality components available on the market and no corners are cut short in our upfitting process. We are methodical about our builds and there are many aspects that separate us from the competition. There are two costs involved for a complete budget, the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and the upfitting conversion. Complete budget for a luxury build is $325,000 to $350,000 + GST. We provide you a final bill of sale for a Class B motorhome which not only simplifies the buying experience for our customers, but it has advantage when you look insuring your new luxury motorhome.
  • What van brands do you work on?
    For our ultra premium custom builds, we exclusively work on brand new 170 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 (currently the AWD model). If you need assistance with your van but do not require a full build, we are happy to work on any model of Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Will you do work that is not a full custom build?
    Absolutely! We love to assist our customers with their van build and appreciate many customers want to take on certain aspects of the build. If you need help installing a window, or a heater or compressor kit, we are there for you also.
  • I'm from the USA, will you do a custom build for me?
    Absolutely! We love our USA friends. Not only will you receive an exceptional build, but your dollar goes further in Canada, often up to 40%. Contact us for more information on the process.
  • Do you supply the van?
    Selling our customers a complete Class B motorhome has significant advantages. Yes, we can definitely supply the chassis for your conversion. If you have a new chassis already, we are happy to work with what you purchased as long as it's a 170 2500 model.
  • What can I expect for the build process?
    1. Place a deposit on a custom build including ordering a new Sprinter 170 AWD 2500 model in the color of your choice (you can sit back and let us do all the work here). 2. Our team will navigate through your one-of-a-kind build and allow you to customize your colors and certain aspects of the exterior improvements. We have two floor plans to consider, one that allows for additional passenger seating, and another that does not. 3. Work on your van will start, and exceptional customer experiences is a top priority. Our builds are methodical (hence our name) and you can expect that absolute highest level in build quality. Communication throughout the process will be an experience you will never forget. Typically builds will take 6-12 months depending on the workload in the shop. 6. Take delivery of your new van – we promise an experience you will never forget including our highlight showcase evening.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide customer financing.
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