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Shea was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta Canada.  His mom was a school teacher, and his dad was a carpenter and ran Volk Builders LTD.  Growing up, Shea’s parents fostered an entrepreneurial spirit.  Throughout high school he worked for his dad's construction company, and side by side with his father, learned many of his skills and developed a passion for perfection.


After graduating high school, Shea & his best friend Kristi (who's now his wife) decided they wanted to start a summer business to help finance post-secondary education.  Shea always enjoyed the fair, and was impressed by the idea of mini-donuts.  In 1994, Lil' Orbits Mini-Donuts was born, and 29 years later and millions served, Shea runs one of the most successful concessions in Alberta with multiple units. has become a donut empire.  The founder of Lil' Orbits Inc., Ed Anderson, featured Shea & Kristi in his personal biography book, and Shea still works closely with Lil' Orbits corporate on a regular basis.


Shea graduated university (UofA) in 1998 with distinction and two degrees, one being a science degree majoring in Chemistry and a double minor in physics and mathematics, and a second degree in secondary education.  Shea taught high school chemistry for 11 years while obtaining a Masters in Educational Technology.


Kristi went to veterinarian school (WCVM) and graduated as a doctor of veterinary medicine in 2000. The two were married in 1999. In 2003, Shea & Kristi incorporated Dog & Cat Hospital Ltd. and Shea used his construction skills to build their first veterinary clinic.  In 2013, a second location was opened. 


Shea & Kristi have two boys, Nixon (15), and Easton (11). Shea stopped teaching high school in 2008 when his first son was born.  He dedicated 2 years of his life to project manage the construction of the Red Deer SPCA facility.  In December 2020, Shea & Kristi partnered with Vet Strategy, a national organization.  As a result, Shea’s roles and responsibilities at the hospitals have diminished.


Shea’s new passion for adventure vans created Method Vans Inc.  The focus of this company is to be a premier upfitter of custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, in addition, to offering a wide variety of DIY products marketed through an online store. 



Meet the owners, Shea & Kristi Volk (kids Nixon & Easton and dog Sunday).  Avid outdoor enthusiasts.  Getting outside to explore and find new adventures has always been a passion.


Shea & Kristi are experienced trail runners.  Shea & Kristi have competed in trail running ultras such as Sinister 7, Canadian Death Race, and the Canmore Grizzly.  They also traveled to Iceland to compete in Run Iceland where both Shea & Kristi finished top 3 from competitors across the world.


A second outdoor passion is backpacking.  Shea & Kristi have completed many hikes around North America including multiple hikes in the Grand Canyon, and National parks in Utah, Yosemite, and locally including National Parks in Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Kananaskis Provincial Park.


Shea & Kristi’s most significant hike was the Royal Arch Loop in the Grand Canyon (complete with getting lost, traversing the “Ledge of Death” and not having water in the heat of the Arizona sun for a nearly a day and a half). Most recently, Shea & Kristi have taken on mountain biking, including traditional and e-MTBs.


Method Vans is located in Red Deer County, AB operating in a state-of-the-art 4800sf facility producing ultra premium adventure vans.  Our builds are second to none and are meticulously crafted by a very small team.  Every detail, every aspect to the build is methodically considered and carried out.  Our builds are simply exceptional.  PERFECT!

A true passion exists to bring you closer to nature and adventure.  Come experience unforgettable adventures with us.


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