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Designed to help off-roaders get the most out of their WARN® winch, withstand the elements and look great, the newly available WARN Epic Winching Accessories take optional performance to another level. 

Featuring a WARN-Exclusive 12-stage coating process; utilizing e-coat and powder coatings, these market leading accessories deliver visual appeal, improved impact-resistance and a longer wear cycle than standard winch accessories.



Forged Steel Clevis Shackle Provides A Means For Connecting The Looped Ends Of Cables, Straps, And Snatch Blocks
The Shackle's Pin Is Threaded To Allow Easy Removal
E-Coat Provides Maximum Protection And Reliability Against Wear, Impact And Abrasion
CE Rated
Epic Shackle 3/4" - For 18,000 lb. (8165 kg) capacity winches and under. 3/4" (20mm) shackle with 7/8" (22mm) pin diameter


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