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VanEssential's plastic knobs provide a sturdy yet lightweight fastening solution for your van's L-track system. Sold in convenient packs of 2, these knobs allow you to securely attach gear, tools, supplies and other accessories along the track to keep items organized and prevent shifting during transport with our bolts (sold separately).


The knobs are made from durable plastic that can withstand the rigors of the road while adding only minimal weight. Their rounded shape and textured grip make them easy to twist on and off the track so you can rearrange your storage as needed. The knobs can be positioned anywhere along the track length and are fully interchangeable, offering versatile mounting points to accommodate different sized items.



  • Each knob is 1.4” [35.56 mm] wide and 0.7” [17.78 mm] tall and uses a M10-1.0 thread size

  • Compatible with our Venture Track bolts

Van Essential Venture Track Plastic Knob - 2 Pack

  • FREE SHIPPING within Canada.

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