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Drastically improve the drivability of your Sprinter with the newest generation of throttle mapping. Introducing the Pedal Control 2.0. Solve the dreaded hesitation, then wallop of power, which is familiar to any Sprinter driver.

At first, there was the Pedal Box, which made the van more responsive but didn't solve the power delivery curve issue. Now, with the introduction of the Pedal Control 2.0, you are able to drastically smooth the power curve and eliminate the hesitation + abrupt power delivery of the factory sprinter. 


How does it work?

The modern Sprinter has a drive-by-wire throttle system as well as a turbo. The engine must have a certain level of RPM to spool up the turbo to add power. This is why there is a big hesitation off the line followed by a big wallop of power. The Pedal Control 2.0 interrupts and re-broadcast a new signal to the van's ECU. This allows you to adjust the throttle input electronically so that the Sprinter drives much more normally. 


Theft Mode

A very useful new feature is Theft Mode. This allows the Pedal Control to interrupt the throttle signal to the vehicle. This means that the vehicle will turn on normally and run but it cannot move. No matter how hard the throttle is pressed the van's ECU will be sent a 0% throttle signal. Therefore rendering the van undrivable. Simply turn theft mode on or off via the app. Great for people who like to leave their keys hidden near their vans while they hike or bike. Please keep in mind no theft deterrent can guarantee your van is not stolen. 



Simple installation with no permanent modifications to your van. Pedal Control 2.0 daisy chains easily between just above the throttle. It installs in about a minute or two. Then you simply download the app and you can select the program best for you. 

Does not affect vehicle warranty and does not add any HP to the van. The product smooths the power delivery and makes the van more responsive to driver inputs. 


Applications: 2007 -Present Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinter 2500, 3500. Includes 4-cyl & 6 cyl


Sprinter PEDAL CONTROL 2.0

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