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This wheel well water tank was purposeful designed for our ultra premium custom builds to fit within our custom water enclosure.


  • Designed to fit Mercedes Sprinter
  • Intended to be used on the passenger side (common water side)
  • Tank sits partially over the wheel well on passenger side and extends towards the rear of the van (see below for more detail).
  • Tank has (3) 1.5" NPT ports on the top.  Two (2) are intended for water level senders and one (1) for an In-Line Vent (draw vent).  We use (2) senders in our premium builds, one for a gauge in our water cabinet and a second connected to the CERBO GX for a digital readout on the Touch 50.
  • Tank has (1) 1.5” NPT port on the end facing the rear for the gravity fill.
  • Tank has (2) 0.5” NPT ports on the end facing the rear, one for the main draw line and one for a fill vent.
  • Tank is made from BPA Free Food Grade Plastic
  • Tank is proudly made in central Alberta, Canada.


The 28 gallon wheel well water tank is designed to use the wasted space around the well.


Tank measurements are 44.5” long x 16.5” tall x 12.25” wide.


If the tank is positioned as far forward as possible, there will be 16" from tank to end corner of van prior to van doors and 9-1/2" to forward end of wheel well.  See pictures for more detail.  The tank can also be placed tightly towards the end corner of the van prior to van doors.


Tank fits Mercedes Sprinter 2500 (will not fit as designed for 3500).

106L (28 gal) Wheel Well Water Tank

  • FREE SHIPPING within Canada.

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